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It's the BEST OF...

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Chocolate is good for you "in small doses", not "instead of fruit"...

Never trust a juice brand that comes in diet...

Airline meals don't qualify as "doing lunch" with your fellow passengers...

Cars don't just "get" mice...

Never take a first date to a restaurant that "Supersizes"...

Only candy bars endorsed by an Olympic organization are healthy...

Guys with a "best t-shirt" don't get dates...

Never tell someone you've got "the good hepatitis", even if it's true...

The opportunity to "use the the women's bathroom" is not a good reason for a man to work late....


Daydream Nation's all-time favorite films organized year by year! Updated not nearly as often as we'd like, but we keep watching! Click the link above!


Four stars, three stars, two stars, one! Ranking over one hundred HK movies! Click the link above!

THE SHANGHAI 500 gets faster every year, but that doesn't mean the Wu family won't give it their all!

Hope to `accelerate growth'.
The business world was shocked when Lucie and Lynette announced they would be merging, superceding all previous merger records.

Are you being glib?
And we're not talking about on-screen! Click the photo above to find out how you too can be rescued by Tom Terrific!


...Woody Allen's lawsuit against former business partner Jean Doumanian was settled out of court? Although full of quircky characters and more interesting than most legal fare, disappointed observers compared it unfavorably to Mr. Allen's earlier legal actions, particulary those during the post-Mia era.

..."Hey, are you the 1-800-Dentist Lady?" narrowly moved ahead of "Aren't you the hot one from the Xenadrine commercial?" as the absolute worst pick-up line.

...Representative Bob Barr (Ga.) accidentally shot a door with an antique gun at a political rally? Barr, on the NRA's Board of Directors, declared that it wasn't a "joking matter". But it kind of was, so people made jokes behind his back.

...9% of those polled identified "the most anticipated new comedy" of the upcoming television season while only 6% could identify "the most anticipated new drama".

...President Bush threw down the gauntlet as the fittest world leader by running a three mile road race in 20:29? When informed that Russian leader Vladmir Putin is a former judo champion, Bush growled "I want your heart. I want to eat your children. He is no match for me when I am right. I want to rip out his heart and feed it to him."

....Cannes jury president David Lynch awarded the prelimary prizes without incident at the closing ceremony of the Film Festival? But before announcing the Palmes D'Or for Best Picture, the noted film director proceeded to re-award the same preliminary categories, repeating this pattern until the last holdouts in the packed auditorium had left in alienated confusion.

Earth Wins Again!

Take THAT....other....galaxies.

French Police Unveil
Special Rollerblade Force!
Demonstration Disrupted
by Baywatch Actress in
a Bikini Made of Lettuce!
Not again!
"Traci Bingham always steals our thunder" laments Police Chief.

Daydream Nation Forced to Restate Earnings!
Investment in Performing Ducks Goes South When Ducks Develop Stage Fright
Next time, golden geese! Analysts still rate DDN a "buy"!

Bill Gates
Competes with God

Humans are no match for me!

Salman Rushdie Is Our
"Swinger of the Year"

Leaves third wife and four year
old child for glamourous model.
Not Yet Mrs. Rushdie #4
Results in "Dad of the Year" and "Husband of the Year" polls less encouraging.

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